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you're a goodf man radaket

You drunk again?

Nah it's not sunday yet, which is my favorite day to be drunk on


I tried a charity rating site, but none of these were listed... it's hard to account for stuff online. But even real brick and mortar charities are usually there just to collect a paycheck, host parties and maybe give 5 or 10 percent of their take, to their stated cause.

There are quite a few 'pay-per-click' people out there, still trying to earn as much as they did, when they first started. I'm glad most of the charities I gave to growing up, were legit, but damn, these days... can't trust anybody!

Pretty sure Greatergood and all those linked in this newspost are legit, Heinrich linked to some proof on his own newspost but since he deleted his account i don't have access to it anymore. I only managed to link these here because i still had them in my history.

Thanks for your suggestion in the Wi/Ht thread. Yeah, I guess it's either/or when it comes to ads. Just kinda tired of it. I've been online for over 15 years, and the digital seas have never fully calmed down.

hey, nice to see someone sharing stuff like this, will check them out.


I clicked on all of them expect freerice...hopefully my clicks help. I will be sure to remind myself to click them daily.

Yay, every click helps, brotha.

Clicked on some of them..these reaper clicks better help! I couldn't click on all of them because of my slow ass internet.

Thanks, brosef.
Every click counts.

Fuck that Tom!

Why fuck that when you can fuck me?

no Tom, bad Tom!

I'm a bad baaad boy~
I think i need a little spanking~

Dammit...I accidentally had Ad block on when I was clicking the buttons. Also pretty nice of you to re-share these. Does my click still count or is it because I had Ad block on it doesn't...?

Dammit...I accidentally had Ad block on when I was clicking the buttons. Also pretty nice of you to re-share these. Does my click still count or is it because I had Ad block on it doesn't...?

Nope, doesn't count, you can simply disable Ad Block for 5 minutes and then go ahead and click those links, or whitelist those websites and next time Ad Block will enable ads automatically.

I clicked on some of them without Ad block one though ad block automatically enabled while clicking on only one of them. I'll try to click on them daily as much as I can.

Since today's challenge in the Community Fap November 2015 is random, I decided out of curiousity to see which one I'll get.

I ended up getting Jenna Haze. So if you need some extra fapping material, feel free to use her.

No thanks, we only need to do the challenge once per day and i already completed it so if i feel like going another round i can choose whichever thing i want to masturbate to.



i actually came blood in the shower once



You like Hellsing right? Might wanna check out Deadman Wonderland. I have only read the manga (not all of it yet) so I don't know what the anime is like but at least the art style is nice. Also the story while not the greatest I've read is still fairly decent.

Cool i'll check it out, did you read a physical copy or did you do it online?
If you did it online please send me the link so i can check it out, can't really buy manga because i'm le Poortuguese, pls dnate 2 my patreon.

I read pshycial copies. So I don't know any good site but I don't think it should be to hard to find.

MangaFox seems to have it.
That one, right? I've bookmarked it so i'll remember to read it whenever i have the time.

Yup that's it.

dude your awesome

Very true.
Worship me, peasants.

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