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pretty gay bro

what a funny little video about a funny little boy

damn that bitch's got a fuckable voice

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good doggo

I don't think a lot of people understood the message and meaning behind this game, the point isn't to be an action or a shooter, the point isn't to be a war conquering hero, it's not supposed to be a game where you play as the main guy but instead it's one where you see what the hero does from the sidelines while you're powerless and too weak to do anything to help. Worse, you're an afterthought.

Looks pretty cool, there's a big and noticeable difference between the original series's first episode and this one, this new season looks like it'll be more polished, intricate with the collectibles, will have some more themes to it's soundtrack and so on.

There were at least a few parts where you mistakenly wrote "to" instead of "too" but that's me just nitpicking, i found a bit of a glitch, on the ending screen if you open your inventory and plot token tab you won't be able to leave that page.

Keep doing a good job, i'm looking forward to the next episode.

JackAstral responds:

Fixed the resume button thingy!

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rip zorn you beautiful fiend you were taken away far too soon

did you go off key a few times? sounded like it to my plebian ears, was it intentional? either way makes the whole thing sound a bit psychotic and deranged, just like zorn... brb crying :,(

Weird thing, this song seems like it would be able to fit in several settings in gaming, the little alien voices could go to some spaceship level or to a game with aliens like Alien Hominid while the quote could work for some kind of volcano God boss fight that's about to erupt, then there's also the rhythmic drums which remind me of jungle themes (escaping through the jungle from the cannibal natives levels and such) and at the end when we hear the metallic clanks it sort of reminds of medieval times, like blacksmiths forging a sword in the background while on the foreground all the action is playing.

Great work, man.

TheNGVirus responds:

thank you so much! I can see what you mean! I remember showing you the work in progress version of it, and you mentioned the High Pitch voices!

I hope you enjoyed it, man, and stay tuned for my Second EP/Album "A New World"

I'd say this is a pretty good pilot episode, i'm guessing you were a bit nervous about going solo for the first time but you still did pretty alright.
You forgot to add your voice demo in the description, by the way.

Nice hearing about what inspired you to become what you are today and i'll tune in next time whenever another episode is produced.

TheNGVirus responds:

thank you so much! also, I did forget to put any of the links in the description! they are on their way as we speak!

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You really captured the soulless beady little eyes of Khan in this one

AcidX responds:

cheers man, yeah it took time to get his unique plastic looks convincingly accurate

wish Guts and his massive jaw would protect me too 😔

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