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Groypers vs Conservative Inc.

Posted by Radaketor - December 22nd, 2019

Ever since October there's been a big rift and battle in rightwing circles between establishment conservative gatekeepers like Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Will Chamberlain, Benny Johnson, Matt Walsh, etc, and the young American Nationalists who call themselves Groypers. Internet personalities like Hunter Avallone, Paul Joseph Watson, got involved as well, and even Dan Crenshaw and Donald Trump Jr have weighed in on this.

It all started when Ashley StClair, who is a well known grifter who doesn't even believe in building a wall in the US/Mexico border, dared to take a picture in the same room as Nicholas J Fuentes and Baked Alaska. Nick is the guy on the left with a Hawaiian shirt, Baked Alaska's the one with glasses and cowboy hat 🤠 and Ashley's the girl in the back. She was promptly fired from TPUSA although """OFFICIALLY""" it had nothing to do with the photograph in question.

So, Charlie Kirk, who's in charge of TPUSA and has since long had a feud with Nick Fuentes, began getting questioned regularly on Ashley's firing and called out on his hypocrisy of being a free speech advocate yet cutting ties with anyone who even debates people you don't agree with. He was also was put under heavy scrutiny by the groypers for on one event saying that foreigners who go to college in the US should get visas stapled onto their greencards. However after a relentless onslaught from American Nationalists he redacted his stance and has since admitted he was wrong. But too little too late.

Turning Point USA's events throughout the month of October and November were routinely hijacked during the Q&A by the Groyper movement. Young Catholics ask Charlie what exactly is the GOP conserving, making claims that the only difference between the conservative party and the progressives is 5 years, ask him what's conservative about gay anal sex and why it has a place in the party, demographics questions, inquires on Ashley's firing, making Dancing Israelis jokes, calling Charlie out on openly calling America a placeholder for ideas, asking him to comment on the bombing of the USS Liberty, and many many more questions. I don't have every link to each of the events as some videos seem to have been taken down or deleted in the meantime but here are a few of the important ones.

Q&A starts at 24:39: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbLkdxNvvOo

Q&A starts at 01:52: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnQDIjoaz-A

Q&A starts at 00:24: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4NLu0481aY

Ever since then several chapters of TPUSA have dissolved across the United States' college campuses, there's rumors that TPUSA fired people on mass and they'll be losing lots of their funding, Nick Fuentes has been banned from attending any TPUSA or TPUSA affiliated bodies' events.

MTV tried to do a hit-piece on Nick, calling him a white supremacist. Ironic considering they sat Nick down (who if you don't know, is a hispanic) with an actual KKK member and wanted the audience to be on the skinhead's side, lol. I can't post the actual MTV special because I think they take down anyone who uploads it to Youtube but here's Nick's viewing and response to it. You might wanna mute your sound for the first 5 seconds, it's real loud.

Ben Shapiro has a speech at some college calling Nick, his followers, and every Groyper a scumbag racist neo-nazi and make false accusations that they want to genocide jewish people because of video games like GTA V. All while not daring to openly say Fuentes' name.

So a couple days ago Nick ran into Ben Shapiro on the street and asked him cordially if they could talk, Ben put his pregnant wife and kids between himself and Fuentes then spun a web that he was harassed violently in public. It's no surprise then that yesterday night when Fuentes was trying to attend Ben's event he had the police called in on him by Shapiro's staff (or even the man himself) as he was considered a "threat".

The Groyper movement seems to keep growing week by week as more and more disfranchised young American conservatives flock to the vibrant new movement, much like what happened with the alt-right early on the 2016 campaign trail. Except this movement's ranks are filled with paleo-conservatives, American Nationalists, Zoomers, and Christians, unlike the weird cringy, atheistic, pagan, roman-saluting, fed-infested mess that the alt-right became.

Conservative Inc's inability and unwillingness to address the groyper's questions without deflecting, poisoning the well, or submitting to leftist tactics like accusing people of racism and anti-semitism seems to me to be the leading force in driving people off its ranks and onto a movement that isn't afraid to have a conversation. Many have pointed out before the surrealness that these establishment conservatives will debate pro-abortionists and muslims, but won't show the same courtesy to those who ask questions about Israel, demographics, or legal and illegal immigration.

Will this conflict change the face of the Republican party as the neocons, RINOs, Reagan-era conservatives slowly die out and a younger generation takes their place?

Ahead of the 2020 election does anyone think this'll impact the results?

More importantly, if it does impact it negatively for the right, would it even matter? Considering how little Trump has done for nationalistic US interests in comparison to foreign powers, would there even be much of a difference?

Apologies if I neglected to mention any other major events that've transpired during this Groyper War, it's still ongoing and there's a lot to cover.



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